Mermaid Marielle

Welcome! I’m Mermaid Marielle! I have been a full time professional mermaid since 2015. I am the founder of AquaMermaid school. I am specialised in monofin swimming. I thought hundreds of mermaid swimming classes for kids and adults from beginners to advance level.

What to Expect: As a performer, I am bringing a wave of positive energy and smiles with me. My appearances include mermaid swimming, meet & greet, games & photos with the guests.  

Language: English or French

Location: I am located in Montreal, but I also travel to Ottawa and Toronto. Available worldwide (travelling expenses must be covered)  

Services: I love to entertain at private parties like birthdays, baby showers, theme parties, and even weddings. I make appearances at corporate events like holiday pool parties, openings, product launch and special events. I can perform both on land and in the water. I can do photo shoots, TV spots, commercials, and movies. I also love to help with fundraisers to support non-profits like make a wish foundation, museums, aquariums, and local schools. All my appearances include unlimited smiles, endless laughter, and lifelong memories.

Customers: I have done a large variety of mermaid contracts including: TV commercial for Budlight, print cover for Ottawa magazine, Swimming for ‘‘Private Eyes’’ TV series, taught dozens of children’s party, entertain guests at celebrity wedding, mermaid product ambassador for Optrix waterproof case, Clarins beauty product & lady blanc wine.  

What is unique about me: I am and advance swimmer and I regularly train to stay fit and master swimming skills. I run a YouTube channel with weekly videos sharing about my mermaid life and swimming tutorials.

Outfit: I own 2 swimmable realistic mermaid tails. The first one is a dark red full silicone mermaid tail inspired of the Beta fish look. The second one is a bright pink realistic scale print on neoprene. I have real sea-shell bikini top to complete my look.

I also offer equipment for rental:

• Giant Inflatable Clam Shell.

• Swimmable mermaid tails for mermaid swimming classes. (child and adult sizes available)

• Silicone mermaid tail

Video :

Entertainer - Children's party
Aquatic performer/model
Entertainer - Dry land events
Model for Film, TV, print
Mermaid Swimming Teacher for kids and adults
Mermaid Singer
Mermaid Actor
Traveling Tanks Rental
Giant Clam Decor Rental
Mermaid Tail Rental
Swimming instructor
Free diving
Actor union
Scuba diving
Fitness instructor
Mermaid tail type:
Swimmable Full Silicone tail
Swimmable Neoprene tail
Swimmable Sequin tail
Swimmable Fabric tail (Polyester/spandex)
Non-Swimmable Skirt

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