Nymphia: Mermaid of the Nautilus

Serving the Scenic Coastlines of California and beyond, Nymphia: Mermaid of the Nautilus is an entertainment experience that is truly one of a kind. Bringing together the realms of the Performing Arts, Children's entertainment as well as a flair for the theatrical. We provide the highest quality in regards to Mermaid Entertainment


Let Mermaid Nymphia create a surprise appearance for your little one to celebrate their special occasion. Our mermaid comes in style in her inflatable seashell throne and photo backdrop that serves as the perfect spot for photo opportunities with guests of all ages. Our birthday party packages are fully customizable to create the perfect experience for your little mermaid or merman. We can also perform on land as well as in water!

Services include:

Pool Games/ Underwater Treasure Hunt: Have you ever played underwater charades or raced a mermaid when in water? Nymphia loves to play and would love to entertain younger swimmers with pool games meant to build swimming skill and water-worthy, educational fun for everyone.

Story Time Session: Let Nymphia recount the tales of one of her many adventures. From sailing the seas with a renegade pirate to falling in love with a handsome Nordic prince from the Viking kingdom, Nymphia will be delighted to share a special tale with your guests.

Ocean Explorer Chest**: For our curious little seafarers who love the ocean, we'll bring the ocean to you. Our mermaid's Explorer Chest is filled with many different objects for children to touch and feel. From live seashells, starfish, sand dollars, a real natural jaw from a shark, as well as various species of sea fans from the ocean to educate children about the dangers of pollution.

Glitter Tattoos/ Mermaid Makeover: A perfect add on to any land party! Our mermaid comes ready with a whole assortment of glitter tattoos, face paint and an assortment of glitter and stick on gems of all colors. Perfect to add a little flair and finny fun for any dry land event.

Sea Shanty Sing-Along: Everyone knows mermaids love to sing! Nymphia has learned many musical shanties from her travels across the seven seas, let her perform a small live sing a long consisting of famous sea shanties of old as well as some familiar nautical favorites.

All birthday party packages include a special gift for the birthday child as well as a complimentary 9x11 photo in a sleeve signed by Nymphia herself after the party.


​Each live show performance comes with a 15 minute meet & greet photo opportunity after the show with our mermaid and any of our other performing characters. For character specific shows, All of the performances will be listed below.

Song of the Sea (Solo)

A beautifully orchestrated piece that recounts Nymphia's story of transformation and transcendence. Featuring lyrical and ballet dance, LED light effects as well as synchrognized swimming to provide a truly magical experience.

Forbidden Kiss (Solo)

​For a more contemporary touch, This act includes beautifully orchestrated music some modern favorites, Includes synchronized swimming as well as a more sultry belly dance styled routine to provide a more exotic flavor to any event.

Flames of the Spanish Maine (Character)

Nymphia along with her mischevious pirate companion Garrett dance to the passionate rhythms of the Spanish Maine. Complete with live Spanish guitar, orchestrated latin rhythms and a swashbuckling flamenco style influence that will leave you breathless.

Nordic Waltz (Character)

For the dancing and dreaming. Nymphia and her Viking prince, Thor of Valhalla create a truly magical waltz inspired by the classic fairy tales you all know and love. Featuring a combination of lyrical dance, sweeping scores and a truly romantic waltz that will truly make the spectacle come alive.

Entertainer - Children's party
Aquatic performer/model
Entertainer - Dry land events
Model for Film, TV, print
Mermaid Swimming Teacher for kids and adults
Mermaid Singer
Mermaid Actor
Traveling Tanks Rental
Giant Clam Decor Rental
Mermaid Tail Rental
Swimming instructor
Free diving
Actor union
Scuba diving
Fitness instructor
Mermaid tail type:
Swimmable Full Silicone tail
Swimmable Neoprene tail
Swimmable Sequin tail
Swimmable Fabric tail (Polyester/spandex)
Non-Swimmable Skirt

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