Mermaid Jennifer Noel

Greetings!! Ive just moved here from Japan, and Saipan before that and would LOVE to meet and swim with you!!

My name is Mermaid Jennifer Noel and I was birthed into the water 5 years ago at The Ripley's Believe it or Not Aquarium in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. For the past year I have been the sole Mermaid performer on an Island called Saipan in the Pacific Ocean, very close to Japan. My guests and photographers on Saipan have enjoyed my surprise meet at greets at the local beaches and big chain resorts, as well as my deep sea photoshoots in my very own Grotto!

I love and joy is performing. I have a 12 year background as a professional dancer working for Walt Disney World Entertainment, Royal Caribbean Entertainment and RWS Entertainment Group onboard Holland American Cruise lines.

In addition to being a mermaid entertainer and a professional dancer I am also a yoga teacher and a reiki healer as well and love to inform and guide adults and children through a more positive life experience with little fun tips and tricks for successful manifestation and happy living. I would love to help any person in need, and if you have trouble communicating with you children I an happy to figure out the best way with you to create a meaningful and life long path of success.

I also love my performing side and just to be your model and help you create your best mermaid or underwater dancing vision.

For more information about who I am and what I do, please check out the links below to view my website and a special farewell interview by Saipan's News Channel, KSPN2.

Thank you!

Love and light

Entertainer - Children's party
Aquatic performer/model
Entertainer - Dry land events
Model for Film, TV, print
Mermaid Swimming Teacher for kids and adults
Mermaid Singer
Mermaid Actor
Traveling Tanks Rental
Giant Clam Decor Rental
Mermaid Tail Rental
Swimming instructor
Free diving
Actor union
Scuba diving
Fitness instructor
Mermaid tail type:
Swimmable Full Silicone tail
Swimmable Neoprene tail
Swimmable Sequin tail
Swimmable Fabric tail (Polyester/spandex)
Non-Swimmable Skirt

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