Lindsay Mermaid Model

I have been a mermaid for 3 years now and have experience in modeling underwater and on dry land. I am comfortable in both fresh and salt water. I am willing to drive up to 1 hour and 30 min away from my location after that an extra fee for travel costs will be applied. I am willing to other types of modeling not just in a mermaid tail. Let me know if you are interested.

Entertainer - Children's party
Aquatic performer/model
Entertainer - Dry land events
Model for Film, TV, print
Mermaid Swimming Teacher for kids and adults
Mermaid Singer
Mermaid Actor
Traveling Tanks Rental
Giant Clam Decor Rental
Mermaid Tail Rental
Swimming instructor
Free diving
Actor union
Scuba diving
Fitness instructor
Mermaid tail type:
Swimmable Full Silicone tail
Swimmable Neoprene tail
Swimmable Sequin tail
Swimmable Fabric tail (Polyester/spandex)
Non-Swimmable Skirt

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